The Lavazza Chamber Ensemble is a non-profit organization of musicians who donate their time and money for the betterment of the arts.

LCE would like to thank these generous sponsors, donors and friends of LCE.


  • Anonymous Viola Enthusiast
  • Boch Family Foundation
  • Anita Cohen and Alex Vogel
  • Dennis and Susan LaRosee
  • William E. and Corky Pfeiffer, Sr.
  • William E. Pfeiffer, Jr.
  • Stifler Family Foundation


  • Donald Allen
  • Bettina Brand
  • Pam and Lee Bromberg
  • Dr. Franklin Bunn
  • Dr. Richard Clark
  • Esteban Cuebas-Incle
  • Vivian D'Amato
  • Donald Dervis
  • Joyce Downes and Deter Straub
  • Valerie Gruber
  • Dr. Robert Handin
  • Jeff Harman
  • Dr. Harold Jarmon
  • Dr. Charles Kawada
  • Karin Knudsen
  • Mikiko Kunitomo
  • Lois Lange
  • Jack Lifsitz
  • Walter and Nancy Lob
  • Evelyn McFadden and William Simmons
  • Peter McKinney
  • Joyce Moss
  • Vivian Nash
  • Corey O'Brien and Wende Allen
  • Dr. Michael Wiedman
  • Patty Wylde

Erika Zimmet, for her wonderful graphic artistry on this website
Dan Handalian, for writing the code for this website
Corky Pfeiffer, for the distinctive logo
Kimberly Paternoster, for managing this website
The Musicians Performance Trust Fund of the Boston Musicians Union, Local 9-535

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